Invented Person


Most Important Invented & Invented Person

♦ Who invented oxygen?
   ➯ J B Priestly
♦  Who invented the molecular machine?Jade Vansen
♦  Who invented Urea? That Uhler
♦  Who invented uranium? That claproth
♦  Who invented the electron? Sir Joseph John Thompson
♦  who invented the x-rays? W K Rontz
♦  Who invented antisept treatment? That Lister Lord Benting
♦  Who invented the air conditioner?WH Career
♦  Who invented aeroplane?Orville and Wilver Wright
♦  Who invented the ozone? That Schonbeenie
♦  who invented cholera basillas? That Robert Koch
♦  Who invents artificial genes? That Hargovind Khorana
♦  Who invents artificial radiant moul? That Julio Curry
♦  Who invents cells? That Robert Hook
♦  Who invents the nucleus of cells? That Robert Brown in 1831
♦  Who invented the camera? That George Eastman
♦  Who invented the chromosome? That Stasburger
♦  who invented chlorine? On that shell
♦  Who invented chloroform? That Simpson and Harrison
♦  Who invents the formula for speed? That Isaac Newton
♦  Who invented the galvanometer? That Under Mary Umpire
♦  Who invented the film machine? That Thomas Alva Edison
♦  Who invented the treatment of hydrological disease? That Louis Pasture
♦  Who invented the cure for hydrological disease? That Louis Pasture
♦  Who invented the Telegraph?FB Morse
♦  Who invented the telephone?Alexander Grahambell
♦  Who invented television? That John Lodge Beard
♦  Who invented the telescope?Hans Lipersi
♦  Double Helix invented DNA? That Watson and the Creek
♦  who invented dynamo? That Michael Farade
♦  who invented DDT? That Zidler
♦  Who invented the diesel engine? That Rudolph
♦  who invented dynamite? That Alfred Noble
♦  Who invented the cure for diphtheria? That Von Vehring
♦  who invented the drisel? That George’s Lakelance
♦  Who invented electrical analysis? That faraday
♦  Who invented thermometer? That Galileo Galilee
♦  Who invented the neutron? That James Chadwick

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