What Is GST: Goods and Services Tax (India)

GST Related General Knowledge 

♦  What is the full name of GST? ➟ Goods and Service Tax
♦  Which country first launches GST? ➟ France
♦  In which country GST has been started in India? ➟ Canada
♦  In which countries double GST is on? ➟ Canada, India
♦  By which amendment of the constitution GST has been billed? ➟ 122
♦  When will GST start in India? ➟ 1st July of 2017
♦  What is GST really? ➟ Indirect Tax
♦  Who was the Chairman of GST Council when the bill was implemented? ➟ Former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
♦  In which state of India, the first GST bill is passed? ➟ Assam
♦  What are the types of GST in India? ➟ Three types a) CGST b) SGST c) IGST
♦  What is the full name of I of IGST? ➟ Integrated
♦  By which th constitutional amendment GST bill has been added? ➟ 101
♦  IGST is in article? ➟ 269 A
♦  How many GST slabs? ➟ 4 %, 5 %, 12 %, 18 %, 28 %
♦  How many members of the GST Council are there? ➟ 33
♦  In which state the latest GST bill is passed? That Jammu Kashmir
♦  Which association suggested to implement GST? ➟ Vijay Kolkar Association
♦  How many indirect tax and cess have been added to the GST bill? ➟ Indirect tax 17, Cess-23
♦  What is the digit number of GST number? ➟ 15
♦  Which products are beyond GST? That petrol, liquor, electricity
♦  Who is the first president of the GST bill making association? ➟ Infinite Dasgupta
♦  What is the share of the state in GST? ➟ 2/3
♦  What is the central share in GST? ➟ 1/3
♦  How many years can be jailed for theft of GST? ➟ 5
  Who is the GST Brand Ambassador? That Amitabh Bachchan

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